Hi  I personally guarantee that my award-winning Show
It will make your event truly unforgettable and have everyone bursting into laughter with pure fun and excitement!

Hello, I’m happy that you are considering me as your entertainment choice for you next event. From me to you “THANK YOU, it really means a lot." You taking the time to out of your day is a big deal, so I can promise you that you have made the right choice. CLICK TO READ MORE!
My show is entertaining and guaranteed that everyone that attends the show will not only be amazed but they will be bursting into laughing the entire show.

Having me at your event is a great way to ensure it will be memorable in ways they will never forget. I know planning events can be difficult to do trying to get the right entertainer and all while staying within your budget. That’s where I come in.

I have been entertaining with magic & comedy professionally for last 15 years and I have been called truly a one of a kind entertainer. I am 3-time DC Comedy Magician of the Year and has been the opening act for the First Lady of the United States for the Last 6 years.

My show has entertain hundreds of adult audiences just like the ones that will be at your event.                                           

Rest assured that I am a professional in every sense of the word. When you invite me to entertain at your event, I put my 15 years experience to work so you can trust that not only will my magic will leave with a great impression as every aspect of what I do is top notch.  Therefore can be used for your benefit and rest assured I will deliver.   From the reservation process until the completion of the event I take pride in making the entertainment portion of the evening a stress free experience. My #1 goals is to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible and in turn will give you a great sense of accomplishment.  Let work together for SUCCESS!

It should be illegal to have this much fun!  It’s not, we checked!

“Your performance was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I can’t tell you how many emails and phone calls I received afterwards regarding your performance, including my boss, who doesn’t impress easily.  Frankly, people are still talking about your performance!”
Kurt Voytell, Constellation Nuclear Energy

Hilarious Comedy

The best part of this live show is the unexpected comedy.  He will have everyone falling out of their seats laughing and you will love how your guests are smiling and having more fun than they have had in years.

Audience Participation

Reggie has a unique ability to interact with his audience, making the volunteers on stage comfortable, and involving everyone in some unbelievable magic!
Unbelievable Magic
Seeing is believing, but after this show you will see that the impossible truly is possible.  The magic will have you amazed, asking yourself, “How in the world did he do that?” and so will your guests!

What Really Makes A Special Event Unforgettable?

Quality entertainment that gets your guests involved and keeps them laughing is one of the major keys to making your event dynamic, impressive, and memorable.  But, there are so many options to choose from.  Do you hire a band?  A disc jockey?  A comedian?  A hypnotist?  It’s frustrating to try and figure out something that will please everyone, isn’t it?

Reggie Rice is the Guy You’re Looking For!

Reggie Rice’s show “STAND UP 4 MAGIC” is filled with a unique blend of magic and comedy like you have never seen before!  He is, in fact, 3-time D.C.’s Comedy Magician of the Year and has performed for thousands of people over the last 15 years!  He is truly a one-of-a-kind entertainer.  He has done his show around the world in theaters, comedy clubs, senior homes, prisons(just kidding!), Walmarts, and even in a funeral home!   Well, after this show, you will see why he is the guy that puts the “Y” in comedy.  His magic will amaze you, and his comedy will have you bursting in laughter.  His personality will make you ask, “Are his mother and father cousins?!”  

ATTENTION: Five Stars in Every Way! Truly a One-of-a-Kind Entertainer!

“Reggie is a true showman. His stage presence reflects a positive energy and confidence rarely seen in a performer so young.
Reggie’s ‘on’ from the moment he walks through the door. He has a friendly, engaging appearance.
Reggie’s personality makes our guests feel welcome and will do well in front of any audience…young, old, excited, or unconscious.”
Cory Williams, The Comedy Zone, D.C.

Having Reggie Rice at your Event Guarantees:

More Excitement,
More Memories,
More Incredible Magic,
More Awesome Comedy,
And More Enjoyment Than Ever Before…

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that I can make your special event unforgettable and fun that if you are not completely satisfied with the entertainment, I will tear the check up right in front of you so you will pay nothing!  In addition to that, I will also donate $100 to your favorite charity.  In the over 15 years of performing, I’ve never once been asked for a refund.  In fact, 95% of my clients enthusiastically refer me to their friends and associates!

“Your magic was just the thing we needed to give this event the personal touch we aim to provide our employees.”

Maisha Lorick, D.C. Water Company

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